Should I have my rock chip repaired?
You should have the rock chip repaired as quickly as possible after the injury. After the rock chip appears, do not put anything on the windshield except water or window cleaner. You may be tempted to apply cleansers, rain repellents, soap, baby oil, foreign chemicals, glue, vinegar, fingernail polish, or other home remedies, but these products will only make it more difficult for the chip to be properly repaired.

Will my rock chip form a crack?
The possibility of your rock chip forming into a crack increases if you do not repair it quickly. If you repair the rock chip before it turns in to a crack, it will not spread under normal conditions. A rock chip could form a crack if there is a drastic change in temperature such as washing your car with cold water on a very hot day, or if internal or external stress occurs to the windshield.

What is windshield repair?
Windshield repair is a process that utilizes modern technology to repair rather than replace a damaged windshield. The repair provides a strong bond that prevents further cracks.  .

What kind of damage can be repaired?
Stone damage or rock chips up to the size of a quarter can be repaired. Best results are obtained if the repair is done as soon as possible after the damage occurs and prior to contamination from washing or inclement weather. A rock chip is usually round or star shaped and may have lines radiating from the center.


The following is a list of types of rock chips that can usually be safely repaired:

How will my windshield look after the repair?
Due to the nature of windshields, it is almost impossible to make your rock chip totally disappear. In most cases, visibility will improve after your rock chip is repaired, but clarity is dependent upon the size, age, amount of glass missing from the center and the quantity of fragmented glass within the break.


What Insurance Companies Do You Work With?
We work directly with your insurance company. Even if your specific insurance carrier is not listed on the side, we can process your claim no matter what insurance company you use. We can help you through the claim process, saving you the hassle of dealing with all the paperwork. Please contact us for more information about filing and insurance claim.


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